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If you have any questions please send us an email to or call us at (262) 684-3523.

Safety Information

  • We require all riders to wear helmets at all times. We provide these at no cost to you.
  • Wear protective eyewear and closed toed shoes.
  • Follow local driving laws and regulations.
  • If you have any questions about proper attire or have any safety concerns, please send us an email to or call us at (262) 684-3523.


Starting Your Reservation

Click on the Reserve button from the home page to get started in your reservation.

Home Page

Select Options

  1. Select if you would like to rent a scooter or go on a tour. There is a 4 scooter minimum when reserving a tour
  2. Select your preferred day.
  3. Select a rental time period. If you selected Tour above your time slot will automatically be set for 3 hours.

Selecting your rental options.

Select Number of Scooters

Select the number of scooters you would like to reserve, your preferred time slot and any notes you would like to provide to Lake Geneva Scooter Tours & Rentals.

Selecting the number of scooters you'd like to reserve.

Select Time Slot

Available time slots will be presented to you highlighted in green. Select your preferred time slot.

Selecting your reservation time.

Review Reservation

  • You can review the rental details you selected.
    • Click "More" in order to view cost details for your reservation.
    • Click "Change" in order to modify the rental details.
    • Click "Remove" to remove the rental from your reservation.
  • Click "Proceed to Contact Details" in order to provide your contact information and continue booking your reservation.

Reviewing your reservation.

Contact Details

  • Enter your contact information that will be associated to your reservation.
  • You must provide values for each of these fields.
  • You need to read and accept the Rental Terms to continue.
  • Click Submit.

Providing your contact details so Lake Geneva Scooter Tours & Rentals can follow up with you.

Wait for Confirmation from Lake Geneva Scooter Tours & Rentals

  • After providing your contact details Lake Geneva Scooter Tours & Rentals will be notified so they can review and approve your reservation.
  • Its important to note that reservations must be approved prior to you receiving a confirmtion.
  • Your confirmation code will be emailed to you upon approval of your reservation.
  • If you have created accounts can check the status or cancel the reservation.
  • Click on Reservations in order to view or cancel reservations you've made after logging in.
  • You can modify or cancel your reservation until the day of your reservation.

Next steps with instructions.


Using the Availability Calendar

  • You can access the availability calendar by clicking here and then clicking on the Availability tab.
  • Select the month that you would like to get availability information for.
  • A day colored in green indicates open availability and the your desired rental time will likely be available.
  • A day colored in yellow indicates limited availability.
  • A day colored in red, there is no availability.
  • A day colored in orange, we are closed and you won't be able to pickup or dropoff scooters that day.
  • Please call us at (262) 684-3523 if you would like to discuss availability for days, times and your party size.

Availability calendar.

Availability While Making a Reservation

  • When making a reservation and you select the day you would like to reserve in the calendar you will see that the calender is color coding correspoding to availability. This way you can see the days that scooters are available to be picked up and we have the availability.
  • After selecting your day and quantity you will be able to select the time slot that works best for you based on the day and quantity you selected.
  • If you need assistance selectng the right day and time please call us at (262) 684-3523.

Sign Up & Sign In

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Sign Up

  • Go to the top right corner of the home page and click on where it says: Sign Up.
  • Sign up by filling in your information into the boxes provided.
  • If you choose to create an account you will be automatically signed in following the account creation process.
  • After you create an account you will be notified via email.

Sign In

  • Click on the Sign In link at the top of the page
  • If you have created an account, fill in your Email and Password and click Sign In.
  • If you click the "Remember me" the website will remember your Email and pre-fill it for you in future visits.

Updating Your Profile

  • After signing in, click on View Profile.
  • You will be able to update your Profile Picture, and change other account settings in this area.

Sign Out

  • Click on Sign Out in order to sign out of your web session.
  • All of your reservations, scooter listings and messages will be saved for future visits.