About Us

Lake Geneva Scooter Tours & Rentals

We have been a family owned and operated power-sports dealer since 1971. In the early 2000’s we discovered the limitless possibilities of renting and selling these “little bikes” called scooters. We realized that anyone can ride a scooter because they are very lightweight and have a simple, automatic transmission. We then started to focus on scooters and our sales immediately increased.

Renting them was naturally the next step but we wanted to do it right! We are not your typical scooter rental company. We actually take the time to teach you properly and make sure you are in full control of the scooter before you leave our training facility. We also provide you with helmets at no additional charge; because we want you to have an incredible experience but we always focus on your safety first! With our techniques of teaching new riders, our premium scooters we use and our perfect facility that we have, we consider ourselves one of the best rental companies in the country.