FAQ & Contact

Yes, you need a valid driver’s license to be able to rent a scooter from us.

All of our 50cc mopeds only allow 1 person per moped. We do offer larger models that can accommodate a passenger at no additional cost. The driver must have a valid motorcycle license and the passenger must be able to touch the pegs with their feet. Please call ahead to request a larger scooter.

You must be at least 18 years old and have a VALID driver’s license and/or international driver’s license to rent.

Our standard mopeds have a weight limit of 230 pounds. If your weight exceeds that please contact our company directly and request a heavier weight capacity model. Those are available in limited quantities. We also have 125cc scooters that have a weight limit of 350 pounds. A current and valid motorcycle drivers license is required to ride our 125cc scooters.

Yes. Our scooters are 100% street legal vehicles with all the proper lighting needed. You can ride them on any roadway with a 45mph or lower posted speed limit, but ideally a less traveled one. Definitely stay off major highways or interstates, as this is illegal and dangerous. You also ride scooters in the lane as a motorcycle would. Not off the road on the white lines as a bicycle would to let cars pass. These scooters are ideal for slower back country roads.

Yes! The scooters we provide are fully automatic and very lightweight. Our friendly staff gives you lessons on riding on our huge, private parking lot and make sure you possess the proper skills before they let you leave. If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a scooter.

Yes, Lake Geneva allows 50cc mopeds (NOT 125cc) to legally park anywhere in their city limits. You simply turn your bike off then roll it up onto a sidewalk, the park or anywhere you like, as long as it does not interfere with pedestrians walking. This is not the case for William’s Bay or Fontana.

Getting lost is part of the adventure! If you do however find yourself far away from where you should be, simply just check your phone for a safe ride back. Make sure to stay off major roads and highways. Or you can simply give us a call and our friendly staff can give you directions.

You only need a regular driver’s license to rent. No motorcycle license is required accept for larger scooter. You also need a credit card as we do not accept cash.

We have insurance that covers us as a company. We do not offer or sell any additional insurance to you. We do advise you to check with your current auto insurance to see if they offer any kind of policy for renting a scooter. We do require all customers to sign a rental contract that states that you are responsible for any damages done during the rental period. If any damages do occur, we charge your credit card for this immediately.

Of course not. These are just suggestions of our favorite routes of the area. You are free to ride anywhere you want. Just be careful to stay off major roads and highways, as our scooters will only maintain around 40mph. Faster roads are dangerous and you will be holding up traffic.

No problem! Most of the people that rent from us have never ridden before. Our friendly staff provide a full riding lesson and tutorial on proper operation, in our huge and empty parking lot. You will be tested for starting, stopping, balance, and maneuvering at slow speeds. When we are 100% convinced you possess theses skills, we then allow you to leave the property and start your rental. Remember in you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a scooter.

Yes, we do require all renters to wear helmets. We provide these for you at no extra cost. They are thoroughly cleaned after every rental and replaced yearly. Some kind of eyewear is also required by state law, so please bring something to cover your eyes. Prescription eyewear, sunglasses, etc. is acceptable.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable or no not want to proceed during your lesson, we will be glad to issue you a full refund to you and the rest of your party. We never want you to feel pressure. There are a few exceptions to having a full refund which includes the amount of time spent on training. Please ask one of our staff members for more details.

You can call us at (262) 684-3523 or email us at info@lakegenevascootertours.com.